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Pack Walking




Benefits of Pack Walks


Pack walks are an excellent activity for dogs which offers them the opportunity to socialise in a safe environment and provides them with the opportunity to explore the environment in a relaxed but structured way.


Dogs often enjoy the company of other dogs and the sense of taking part in a combined activity with other dogs.  It provides them with the chance to be with other dogs without the added stress of competition or insecurities that can occur in a play situation in off lead areas.


Dogs learn from successful interactions with other dogs and will take their cues from other dogs in the group.  On a structured pack walk we guide behaviours by redirecting undesired behaviours and positively rewarding the behaviours we want.  We also assess each dog and how they will fit with the pack, holding the safety of all dogs as our top priority.


Pack walks are very useful in providing exercise and training at the same time, while the dog is enjoying the environment and learning to practice self control, develop better social skills and help them understand the world around them.  All of these skills help a dog become more relaxed and supports the training and behaviours that you are working towards.

























Assessment Walks - $35 for a one hour session


Pack Walks - up to an hour and a half once a week - $35

- two walks per week - $30

- two or more dogs from one household - $30 per dog


Training Walks - If your dog does not already walk nicely on a leash we are able to offer Training Walks.  These walks are $60 per hour long session.


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