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Accell Therapy is a unique treatment which utilises Cycloid Vibration Therapy (CVT), a medically proven system that has been helping human conditions since 1949.

The Accell Therapy devices are one of the safest forms of physical therapy available. Utilising CVT, a three dimensional vibration therapy, Accell is clinically proven to work in four key areas:

  • Increasing circulation and lymphatic drainage

  • Relaxing muscle and increasing nerve/muscle communication

  • Increasing joint mobilitiy and wound healing

  • Relieving musculoskeletal pain

Accell therapy provides a simple and effective, reliable and repeatable therapy that can enhance the healing/recovery in all animals. The benefits provided by this treatment include:

  • Post operative care – with Veterinary Approval

  • Trauma or accident patients - to reduce inflammation, bruising and contusions.

  • After race training soreness and lactic acid build-up.

  • Helps to treat and manage torn muscles, joint and ligament problems.

  • Respiratory conditions.

  • Arthritic conditions.

  • Elbow and hip dysplasia pain.

  • Wound healing.

  • Increased stride length and gait.

  • Venous, lymphatic drainage and reduced swelling.

  • As a behavioural tool - to reduce separation anxiety and aid in behavioural training.

We all know how great we feel when we have a massage.  Accell Therapy is a gentle, relaxing massage that promotes general relaxation, relieves some muscular tension and improves circulation

The Accell Therapy device is a massage treatment, NOT intended as a replacement or alternative to professional veterinary care from your Veterinarian.


Treatment Duration: 20 minutes

Price: $30 for one treatment.

Treatment Location: Gone To The Dogs - Manaia

Home Treatments: May be available, a small travel cost will apply



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